We can cut your energy bills no matter how your house was built:

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Phoenix Insulation - RetroFoam of Arizona

Fix High Utility Bills and Warm/Cold Rooms

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High utility bills and warm rooms are often the result of inadequate insulation.  Most homes have R13 or less in their walls with no air seal.  Retrofitting your walls with foam insulation can increase their efficiency by 40-85% with 100% air seal.  Attic foam retrofits can decrease attic temps to the point where they vary only slightly from the temperature of the house.  


Slump Block Homes

Less than 1% of slump block, masonry block, and CMU homes in Arizona built prior to 1985 have insulation in their walls.  Symptoms of uninsulated block walls include uncomfortable rooms in the areas of the home with the most sun exposure or high utility bills - with the opposite effect occurring the winter.  Retrofoam slows energy transfer by 82% through a slump block wall.  Read more about the benefits of Retrofoam in a block home.

 Tract Homes

Many - if not all - stucco tract homes in Arizona are poorly constructed.  While most track homes are insulated, the insulation is improperly installed and often completely missing in random wall cavities.  The results of these poor construction practices are homes that are uncomfortable with very high utility bills.  Retrofoam insulation can take care of these problems in your Phoenix track home.


Wood Panel Homes

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Homes with T111 or wood paneling on the exterior walls are often well built, but poorly insulated.  From the 1940s all the way up through the 1990s it was common to save money by insulating wood paneled homes with cheap insulation that was not rated for use in 2x4 walls. The end result of these practices were poorly insulated walls that caused discomfort and high utility bills for homeowners.


Sound Proofing

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Noisy neighbors?  A Retrofoam injection can help.  A 2x4 stud cavity filled with Retrofoam results in a 45-50 decibel reduction in sound transfer through the wall. This can drastically reduce sound transfer through a wall cavity in a home or office.  Retrofoam's zero odor, clean installation makes taking care of chronic sound problems easy for homeowners, condo owners and property managers.


 Spray Foam & Attic Retrofits

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Installing spray foam in an attic creates a sealed attic system. Enclosing the HVAC ductwork within the insulated envelope of the home stabilizes the attic temperature to the point were it never varies more than 10 degrees from the temperature of the home - even during extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Habitat For Humanity performed a study comparing two identical homes, one with spray foam and one with traditional insulation. Read more about the benefits of spray foam. 

Harness The Expertise of A Nationwide Network

Retrofoam of Arizona is part of a nationwide network of foam insulation professionals who've retrofitted hundreds of thousands of homes, saving millions of dollars in utilities.  Put our expertise to work for you.