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Slump Block


A foam insulation injection will increase the R Value of a block wall from R2 to R 11 - that's an 82% increase in efficiency!

 Most Block Homes In AZ Have No Wall Insulation

Whether your home is slump block, cinder block, or hallcraft double brick - if it was built before 1990, it most likely does not have any insulation in the walls.  the video shows how foam insulation is installed in a block wall.

 Insulate Your Whole House - Or Just The West Wall

phoenix townhome thermal R2 R11 200x116

Some of our customers choose to insulate their whole house, others just hit their paint points - like the west wall.  the thermal picture shows a condo unit where the west facing bedroom walls were insulated.  the wall is more efficient and the bedrooms are much more comfortable

1-Day Install, From The Exterior, No Interior Disruption

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 Life Time Warranty


Retrofoam is manufactured by Polymaster, Inc, based in Knoxville, TN, and distributed worldwide to Polymaster's licensees.

 polymaster retrofoam warranty 290x201


Polymaster provides a lifetime guarantee for Retrofoam if the insulation is installed by a certified installer.  Retrofoam is a plastic so after it is installed, it won't settle, degrade or loose its insulating properties.  Once its installed, its there for life.



Thousands Of Satisfied Customers Nationwide

By choosing Retrofoam of Arizona, you are tapping into the collective knowledge and experience of over 40 liscensed dealers in 25 states.  Retrofoam has been installed in thousands of homes nationwide - making thousands of people more comfortable and saving millions on utility bills.


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