Block Wall Foam Insulation

Foam For Block Homes

Nearly all block homes built from the 1940s up through the 1980s are uninsulated. Block is porous which was ideal for homes built during these decades because they used evaporative cooling to stay comfortable in the hot months. When AC became common, block home builders switched to insulated block which became common by the mid-ninties. AC works on the exact opposite premise as evaportive cooling, so homes that were built for evaportive coolers have block walls are a major source of energy loss and discomfort in homes with air conditioning

Block Foam Benefits

Foam insulation reduces heat transfer by 82% in a block wall & creates a 100% air seal, which greatly increases comfort in the home. It also reduces noise and blocks dust & bugs from entering the home.

Installation Process

5/8" holes are drilled into each empty block column around the house. The foam is pumped in & the holes are repaired to the original condition.

Foam Product

The foam product we use is imported from Norway. Its the only completely non-toxic retrofit foam insulation in the world.

Block Types

We foam all types of block walls. Our consultants determine block type, how it will be insulated, and what results can be expected.