Phoenix, AZ – Retrofoam Arizona, a Phoenix insulation service, is offering a special discount during the summer to its Internet customers.  The deal will expire on Aug. 31, 2011.

“The summertime is a particularly good time for insulation of homes in Phoenix,” explains Paul Kariniemi, owner of Retrofoam Arizona. “Phoenix area homeowners know that it’s likely to be more than 100 degrees for the rest of the summer. Getting insulation installed now will help you save on energy costs right away and throughout July and August.”

The special offers a $250 discount on home insulation for customers who find Retrofoam, a Phoenix roof insulation company, online. The discount is specifically offered for whole home insulation installation, but they will pro-rate the discount for customers who want to insulate one or two walls. “Our customers particularly like the discount,” explains Kariniemi, from the Phoenix duct insulation company, “because they know they are getting the best price for doing their research online.  And we know that customers who do their research on the Internet will find their way to us because we offer the best price for the highest quality product you will find from any of the Phoenix insulation companies.”

“A lot of homes in Arizona are built from block and are designed for evaporative cooling,” says Kariniemi. “So they don’t have any insulation in the walls. However, most of these homes later added air conditioning. But AC requires insulation or your money literally pours through the walls. When the temperatures go above 100, we start getting a lot of calls from people who are desperate because their AC is ineffective or expensive – or both.”

Most homeowners don’t realize how much energy and money they would save if they simply retrofitted foam insulation. Retrofoam decreases the transmission of heat through walls by 82 percent and brings down homeowner’s energy costs by 25 to 35 percent.  The insulation is also simple to put in place. The company can inject it directly into the wall cavity without needing to remove existing insulation or ripping out walls – so it is less expensive than many other insulation options when repairs are factored into the overall expense.

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